Tuesday April 15, 2014

Regional property assessments show more volatility

Property assessments for 2014 in the region around Kamloops slid more than they did in the larger centre in their midst.

* Chase’s 1,400 properties went down between one and 10 per cent, putting the village’s assessment roll at $329 million compared with $338 million last year.

* Logan Lake properties ranged from dropping as far as five per cent to going up five per cent in 2014.The community’s assessment roll rose to $375 million, compared with $349 million in 2013.

* Assessments in Merritt ranged from falling five per cent to increasing five per cent for 2014. The assessment roll dropped slightly overall, hitting $892 million for this year compared with $898 million last year.

* North Thompson property owners had a broader range of assessment variations, with them ranging between falling by 10 per cent to jumping by 10 per cent in 2014. Barriere’s assessment roll fell to $193 million in 2014 compared with $200 million last year, while Clearwater’s increased to $334 million from $331 million in 2013.

* Property assessments went downhill in Sun Peaks in the past year, ranging from zero change to falling by 10 per cent. The community’s assessment roll went down to $493 million in 2014, compared with $528 million the previous year.

* South Cariboo/Gold Trail assessment changes hovered around the same range as those in Kamloops, somewhere between dropping by five per cent to increasing by five per cent. In Ashcroft, the assessment roll fell to $175 million from $180 million in 2013, while in Cache Creek it also went down, reaching $98.6 million from $101 million the previous year. In Clinton, the roll declined to $66.5 million from $66.8 million, while in Lytton it stayed the same as 2013 at $37.8 million.

* Lillooet properties dropped between five and 10 per cent in 2014. The community’s 1,400 properties totaled $296 million in value for 2014, compared with $306 million last year.

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