Wednesday August 20, 2014

'Freeman' claims he didn't need driver's licence

A freeman-on-the-land was granted bail Tuesday on a Motor Vehicle Act charge.

But Johnathan Michael Fraser will remain in jail until he is granted bail on charges in other B.C. communities.

The Crown alleges Fraser has consistently failed to show up in court and has a long record of breaching court-ordered conditions. In Kamloops, he faces a charge under the Motor Vehicle Act of driving while his licence is suspended.

On Tuesday, he was watched over by three sheriffs during a bail hearing. In the courtroom were several of Fraser’s supporters.

The Shuswap man faces a more serious charge regarding an alleged $20,000 fraud as part of land transaction in 2010. He did not attend court dates.

Later that year, he was arrested by Chase RCMP. He told police he doesn't have a name and didn't need a licence.

The Crown alleges Fraser has been without a licence since 2002. He was allegedly caught without a licence in North Vancouver again in February 2011.

Freeman-on-the-Land is a movement of people who believe they have the ability to withdraw consent to be governed and are bound only by "natural law."

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