Audit of band finances part of plan to discredit protest

Kamloops Daily News
January 12, 2013 01:00 AM

No doubt many reserves across Canada need to be audited to find out where their money is spent.

However, this recent audit on the Attawiskat's finances is so obviously timed to discredit Chief Theresa Spence that there's almost no need to ask the question.

Concerning Bill C-45, we all - not just First Nations - should be on the rampage. This "dog's breakfast" omnibus monstrosity threatens the environment, the health of our rivers and lakes all across the True North not so strong, not so free!!

And Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows that he has the support of corrupt, corporate-owned media who will, just as they picked up on "the Conservatives attack on civil servants" go along with discrediting Spence and the Idle No More movement.

Let's take an overview of all this. The year 2008 brought us one of the worst financial crises ever. Virtually trillions of dollars disappeared overnight! Whole economies were preserved by monstrous government bailouts (and you thought socialism was dead).

There are exceptions, like Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone who pointed fingers right at the culprits, including the Bank of America, Goldman-Sacks, the now-defunct Lehman Brothers - calling them the crooks that they really are.

However, for much of the rest of the already mentioned corporate media, it was open season on worker's rights and wages.

Worse than that, only the French (and the French-Canadians) figured out that one doesn't vote for the very forces whose "free market" economics brought this financial mess down upon all of our heads?!

No doubt reservations in Canada could use better accounting practices? But, so could the rest of the world's financial system.

And they are not getting it!



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