Auditor general's departure questionable

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January 16, 2013 01:00 AM

Funny how the government recruited a man (John Doyle) with high credentials and higher morals and now in the midst of investigations decides to fire him.

Is it the B.C. Rail fiasco, B.C. Hydro mismanagement, or the fact this man criticized the head of the committee that fired him? Another B.C. Liberal, who like the Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, failed to keep records of how our tax dollars were spent on his constituency office.

Now the loyal opposition is calling for an inquiry into the roof at B.C. Place, which came in at $500 million or five times the estimate. Yet another boondoggle from a party with an ever-growing list of financial missteps.

I suppose you get what you pay for when you hire an intelligent man with morals who does his job.

What did they expect, a mandarin that would fall on the sword for them as in the B.C. Rail scandal?

They continue draining the tax coffers with the idiotic B.C. Jobs campaign. I wonder if any of the $15 million they are wasting on these ads could have been diverted to Royal Inland Hospital to retain or attain more anesthesiologists?

Nope. For the Liberals it's better to waste money on ads talking about how they are protecting our province and country from financial mismanagement.

Guess they didn't notice our credit rating was downgraded when they paid for these multimillion-dollar ads. Jobs B.C. - is that what you call bringing in 400 Chinese nationals for a 14-year "temporary" work permit? (Maybe to get work here in B.C. you need a Chinese Communist Party membership.) Looking forward to a government that governs for the taxpayer as it certainly isn't the B.C. Liberal Party.



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