B.C. bear habitat threatened by many run-of-river projects

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January 17, 2013 01:00 AM

The poor old grizzly bear just doesn't seem to stand a chance with this Liberal government of ours, does it?

When Gordon Campbell came to power, one of the first things he did was cancel the moratorium on grizzly bear hunting in northern B.C. The reason for the moratorium being the bear population was too low. Then it was last September someone requested the government to stop the hunting of grizzlies in northern B.C. Anybody know the population of grizzlies in B.C.?

Now we have a run-of-river project encroaching on the grizzly habitat in the Lillooet River valley, (Controversial Project Gets Nod, The Daily News, Jan. 12), something that no doubt will lead to bear attacks and poaching, not to mention the destruction of the habitat once the roads are built.

They forgot to mention that the taxpayer will be paying for the hydro power lines and that B.C. Hydro will have to buy the power they produce - or even when they do not produce power - for 99 years.

Effectively, the public will not be allowed to go near that area for fishing or recreation. There are now more than 100 run-of-rivers projects in B.C. where these rules apply. What a legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.

Remember, this all came about when Premier Campbell took a little trip to Ottawa and asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper to quash the Navigable Waters Act to enable all of this gold-rush destruction to take place in B.C. and other provinces.

All this expenditure and destruction will, in the end, only create one permanent job in these locations. And we have this government wasting taxpayers' money on television ads trying to tell us how great they are. In my opinion, these are just a few more of the thousand reasons for us not to vote for them.



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