Bear-spraying spree ends up with gun pointed

Cam Fortems / Kamloops Daily News
January 10, 2014 01:00 AM

A 21-year-old man living in a home RCMP say is associated to the Redd Alert gang was released on bail Thursday stemming from allegations he pointed a shotgun at a fleeing man.

Jesse Cote is charged with pointing a firearm and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Crown lawyer Michael Wong said the incident Dec. 16 started as a dispute over a young woman in the house.

The woman's boyfriend, Samuel Domino, wanted her out of the party at the house at 431 Chateau St. in Brocklehurst. But she did not want to go.

Domino and his friend Tyler Roberts entered the party, continuing to pressure the young woman to leave, he said.

The Crown alleges Domino discharged pepper spray at people in the home. One of the party-goers responded by blasting Roberts with pepper spray, according to police reports.

Wong said the two men fled, while Cote went to his room to fetch a shotgun, telling others he was going to kill Domino.

The Crown alleges Cote pointed a loaded shotgun at Domino's body, while he was in his vehicle trying to escape with tires spinning on the ice.

No shots were fired.

Wong said police reported the home is associated to the Redd Alert gang.

While the Crown asked for Cote to remain in jail, defence lawyer Sheldon Tate said Cote deserves to be free while he awaits trial.

He called fetching the gun "consistent with the act of self-defence.

"He was acting as a property owner, defending his property," Tate said.

Judge Stephen Harrison granted Cote bail. He must reside at a residence approved by a probation officer, stay away from both Domino and Roberts and is banned from possessing alcohol and firearms.

None of the allegations has been proven and a trial will be set at a later date.

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