Bewildered that council rejected pesticide ban

Kamloops Daily News
June 30, 2012 01:00 AM

Even though the letters from concerned residents to City council in favour of the pesticide ban were double those against . . .

Even though substantial material from the medical field had been submitted, including some from upstanding organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, David Suzuki Foundation and Ontario College of Family Physicians (to name just a few) . . .

Even though this same City council professes to care about people's health by wanting to make non-smoking by laws even stronger than they already are, and try to use the excuse of our health in order to try to prevent certain businesses from opening here . . .

Even though they use the term "Green City," while talking about the environment, encouragethe use of bicycles, discourage the use of cars, all in the name of health . . . the pesticide ban was turned down by five council members, including our mayor.

I cannot express the utter disappointment I'm feeling. It's a sad time for all of Kamloops when our City representatives decide to ignore very serious health matters that affect all of us.

While governments allow things to fall through the cracks, giving false impressions of safety, it's our medical professionals that are dealing with the aftermath.

Pesticides are poisons. They make people ill.

I'd just like to thank councillors Donovan Cavers, Tina Lange, Arjun Singh and Nancy Bepple for understanding the healthconcerns of the people of Kamloops, and putting their medical, safety,and environmental concerns above all else. It will speak volumes in the next election.



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