Bike path explanation lacks details about cost overrun

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February 18, 2013 01:00 AM

This is in reply to Mr. David Trawin's letter regarding the Valleyview bike path (The Daily News, Feb. 1).

I'm sorry I missed your email asking me about my first letter, it might have been sent to someone else as I have not received it as of yet. You appear to be splitting hairs in your rebuttal, depending on where the information provided to me fell in the $6.1 million overall project.

We can push the cost of the second phase back and forth but it appears from the information provided to me that about 95 per cent of the money spent was on the secondand third phase of the project that was from the Trans-Canada Highway overpass to the bridge over the CP Rail tracks - about 600 metres according to Google Earth.

You agreed that the "overall projects costs were greater thanfirst anticipated" but carefully failed to say that the project was really about 50 percent or around $2 million over the budgeted amount of $4.2 million.

A 50 percent overrun on any project surely would warrant a thorough investigation with the taxpayer being fully informed on the outcome.

If you were really concerned about openness and transparency you would have included your "post-mortem analysis" in your letter.

My first inquiry on the bike path was sent via email to the mayor and council. Mayor Peter Milobar answered within minutes, and said he would refer the matter to Mr. Trawin.

Both came back with what appeared to be the same canned answer mentioning, among the hand wringing, that it was rumoured that a contractor had lost money doing this project like it was some sort of badge of honour.

Only two councillors bothered to reply and gave very short answers, going along with the status quo that it was unfortunate but with no mention as to where the extra $2 million went.

City Hall seems to be content to sit on their hands and be fed the administration porridge with no questions as to why it tastes so bad and is content to push it under the table.

I always thought that the good citizens of Kamloops elected these people to represent them, be fully informed as to where the taxpayer's money is being spent and to question and inform the electorate why projects like this one go south.

Mr. Trawin's letter did not explain where the extra $2 million was spent. A full audit might. It appears the tail is wagging the dog here.



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