Bisbee not such a great example of a mining town

Kamloops Daily News
May 4, 2012 01:00 AM

In a letter to the editor published on April 27, Robert McInerney states that Bisbee, Arizona is a good example of a successful copper mine that didn't require a lot of water. Mr. McInerney should visit Bisbee before comparing us to them.

The mine in Bisbee closed over 45 years ago and the town is now a very ugly near-ghost town. The town sits beside huge holes left by the open pit mine. It is a very ugly and depressing site. The town built up during the times of prosperity for the mine and when it closed, all of the people that were employed by the mine and the businesses that served those people, left town.

The population in Bisbee peaked at about 35,000 but now has a population of 6,000 and a median household income of $27,942.

The mess that is now known as Bisbee, Arizona is not what we want to happen to Kamloops. If the town of Bisbee is used as an example, you could say that our lakes and rivers will survive the mine because after it closes down, we will be left with the skeletons of the businesses that were created and the unemployment in this town will be disastrous. Oh yeah, and the town that remains will be the colour of the mine dust as it is in Bisbee, AZ.



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