Both sides of Ajax debate need airing

Kamloops Daily News
November 19, 2012 01:00 AM

I do not expect this letter to be printed in The Daily News because of your very biased view on the proposed Ajax mine and your lack of looking for the truth about the project.

That said, I listened to a local radio show during which they interviewed Greg Reid, who used to work for the old Afton mine. He has no affiliation with Ajax.

It was very interesting to hear an intelligent conversation about both underground and open-pit mining methods of today and how he believes the mine can be operated close to the City effectively and without impacting the residents of Kamloops.

I would suggest your paper contact this gentleman and others to do an in-depth study about the whole process of developing and restoration of an open-pit mine site.

I believe it would be of great interest to many of the residents of Kamloops who are searching for truth about the mine. Mine opponents are dominating the conversation in the newspapers and their claims do not pass the truth test and only serve their personal belief to stop the mine at any cost.

The majority of Kamloops people are open to the mine if it fulfils all the requirements of a very stringent environmental process. If this is fully and satisfactorily done by Ajax, in my opinion it should be allowed to proceed.

We, the silent majority, would like to have all sides of the debate so we may form a qualified opinion.
Is that too much to ask?



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