Bylaws staff have time on their hands

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January 31, 2013 01:00 AM

Word to the wise - don't license your dogs with the City of Kamloops. A few years ago I licensed my two dogs.

Since then, things changed. The 18-year-old dog died and the younger one is now old and is a homebody. I also added a small house dog (more of a cat really but again, a house dog).

My big offence was not informing the City of what was happening in my household, which culminated in bylaws staff paying a visit because we failed to license dogs after we had done so in the past.

There was no denying there were two dogs home because they bark when someone comes to the door.

The nice bylaws lady left us a $100 fine for each dog and an admonishment to license them in future. If these dogs had been at large, then I would pay the fine (which I did 18 years ago when I owned a runner).

I believe it is only right for bylaws staff to knock on all Kamloops doors to fine unlicensed pets - including cats if they insist on collecting the $200 they want from me. They seem to have unlimited staff to chase down us licence dodgers.

Might I suggest a 5:30 a.m. stakeout in my neighbourhood to find the annoying barker?

I have since received a notice to pay up or face collection proceedings and a renewal notice for 2013 licences which, coward that I am, I paid to avoid a repeat visit.

But the $200 I am still clutching in my reluctant fist after filing a protest that I have no confidence will be resolved in my favour.



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