Chamber backs year-round daylight saving time

'The golf and ski industries support it. It's better for them as well'

Kamloops Daily News
March 15, 2013 01:00 AM

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is advocating for a time change that would freeze the clock at daylight saving time year round.

The business group passed the resolution this week that will go to a provincial annual general meeting.

The Kamloops chamber has a reputation for proposing resolutions that get adopted by the B.C. Chamber and subsequently made into lobbying efforts provincially and federally.

Bob Dieno, president of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, said the idea was his but was later amended by the group. Dieno initially argued for a clock that doesn't change, whether on permanent standard time or permanent daylight saving time.

But the group as a whole amended the resolution to call for a freeze to permanent daylight saving time.

"The golf and ski industries support it," said the owner of a local fire safety business. "It's better for them as well."

The report credits American scientist and inventor Benjamin Franklin for coming up with the idea as an energy-saving scheme. In 2007, Canada moved daylight saving time ahead by three weeks in order to come in line with changes in the United States.

The earlier adoption was seen as a way to bring more daylight to the supper hour, thus reducing need for electric light.

The Chamber cites research showing the "spring ahead" to daylight savings time is associated with higher incidence of heart attacks and accidents.

"People like the light when they get home from work," said Dieno. "By staying with the DST year round they get less light in the morning but they'd enjoy it in the evening all year."

The Chamber also wants the federal government to amend tax rules to allow golf to become an approved write off and is arguing for changes to the provincial carbon tax.

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