Cheer Fund takes on leather look

Krazyboy to auction off limited-edition jackets made for the stars

Gregg Drinnan / Kamloops Daily News
December 7, 2012 01:00 AM

Jay Leno and Leroy Connell

Leroy Connell is in the spirit of the season.

Which is how The Daily News Christmas Cheer Fund came to be in receipt of one of his specially designed leather jackets.

Connell is perhaps better known as Leroy Krazyboy (or krazyboy). He is The Man at Krazyboy Clothing in Barnhartvale.

As his website reads: "Krazyboy Clothing offers a Limited Edition/Signature Series line of clothing for those that want to be a little different."

The Christmas Cheer Fund, along with Krazyboy, is offering readers the opportunity to purchase one of his Limited Edition/Signature Series jacket through an auction. There are only 15 such jackets in existence and we have one of them.

"How many opportunities does the public in the entire province get to have one of only 15 items that are only done for Hollywood celebrities and movie stars?" Connell asks.

The answer to that question: One!

Limited edition jackets such as this one are worn by actors Lorenzo Lamas and Robert Patrick, rock star George Thorogood, and TV host Jay Leno, who just happens to be one of Connell's friends. All are regulars with the Love Ride, the largest one-day motorcycle fund-raising event in the world.

This is a true Signature Series jacket - oh boy, is it a beaut! - with a few modifications, including some Love Ride embroidery.

Originated by Oliver Shokouh of Harley-Davidson of Glendale, Calif., Love Ride is preparing for its 30th annual event in 2013, with Leno, again, as the host. To date, it has raised more than US$24 million for charity.

Connell has known Leno since 1999. "He used to buy leather jackets off me when I had Rampage Leathers going," Connell says. And when Connell first got involved in the Love Ride, he said he wanted to do more "than just go down there and have a good time."

So he, Shokouh and Leno came up with the idea of jackets to be used in fundraisers.

This month, Connell chose to take it one step further and donate one to the Christmas Cheer Fund.

So here's the deal.

We will take bids on this jacket by phone (250-372-2331) or in person at our front desk at 393 Seymour St. The deadline is Thursday, Dec. 20, at 3 p.m.

A jacket similar to this one, but not Limited Edition, would set you back at least $500. So we are asking for a minimum bid of $300, and updates will be carried in the Christmas Cheer Fund stories that appear Tuesday through Saturday.

OK. Let the bidding begin.

But you're wondering about Leno, aren't you?

"Jay is really good. He's laid back," Connell says. "We had a couple of beers and hung out for a bit, but he's always under the gun. You think it's really glamorous being in a situation . . . but there's always those few people who are so rude and don't give him any privacy.

"He can't even eat a chili dog and he's got people all over him."


Jim Doan, the sensei at the Western Karate Academy, reported in late Thursday with the latest from the annual Kick-A-Thon. His students delivered 146,000 kicks - stop and think about that for a moment - and, to that point, had raised $7,365. Hey, is that awesome, or what?

Jim still has that authentic Chuck Norris autograph that he is auctioning off. You can email him at if you want to top $110. And remember that Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch; he decides what time it is.


Merry Christmas to Dan Sanford and thank you so much. And all the best of the season to the gang at Dearborn Ford. You folks are special, you really are.

Dianne and Ed Barker are with us, as they always are, and we do so appreciate it. Thanks, too, to the crew at Kamloops Scrap Iron for the outpouring of generosity. We heard from some folks who gave "for our children and grandchildren" and that always brings a lump to the throat because that's what this time of the year really is all about.

At the end of the day, we had more than $6,000 come through the door on Friday and that's terrific. That pushes us over $17,000 but, folks, there are only two weeks to go.

Don't forget that the gang at Rivershore Chrysler Dodge Jeep is on board with us, along with Tim Labermeyer and all the folks at Walmart. You also can make a donation at High Octane Comics and Collectibles downtown at 250 3rd Ave. And the women at Curves on Laval Crescent are holding their annual penny drive for our benefit.

Dean Nicholson and the folks at Investors Group Financial Services on Sahali Terrace also are helping out, as they always do.

Please don't forget that all donations will be shared evenly by the Kamloops Food Bank, Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Memorial Hospice Home, New Life Mission, Pregnancy Care Centre of Kamloops and YMCA-YWCA Y Women's Emergency Shelter.

Should you wish to help us out, you may use one of the coupons that appear in this newspaper. Failing that, you should stroll into our office and speak with one of the happiest elves around. They will be pleased to help.

This is the third last weekend before Christmas and there seem to be an abnormal of auto-pedestrian incidents of late. So let's be careful out there so that we can see you back here on Tuesday.

Slow down and enjoy the season!

* * *


Dan Sanford $2,500

Dianne and Ed Barker $500

For Barneycat $20

In memory of Rachel (Libby and David Denbigh) $100

Smit family (Nico) $50

Dearborn Ford $1,000

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $300

Anonymous $100

Chris and George Hart $50

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $100

Kay and Gary Oakden $50

Sharon Elvers $50

In memory of Michael Knudson (Bonnie and Tom McInulty) $250

Ralph Tedder $150

Kamloops Scrap Iron $480

For our children and grandchildren $200

Sherry and Jordan Sim $100




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