City's questions on Ajax to be answered during proposal's review

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January 6, 2012 01:00 AM

The City's 11-page list of questions concerning the proposed Ajax mine has yet to be answered.

But City environmental services manager Jen Fretz said Friday the province has promised answers will be forthcoming during the environmental review process of the mine proposal.

"We did get a response from the province, saying thanks for the questions. They said they couldn't answer them directly, but would get them answered throughout the process as the application is completed," she said.

Among the City's concerns in that July letter were the mine site description as being 10 kilometres southwest of Kamloops.

"This description is misleading as the proposed mine actually straddles the City of Kamloops southern boundary," Fretz wrote in her letter to the province last July.

Other issues cited include health impacts, height of waste rock and tailings piles, noise levels, vibrations from blasting, groundwater issues, traffic, future growth in Aberdeen, air quality and environmental factors.

Fretz is the city's representative on the working group that has gone over drafts of the Ajax Application Information Requirements (AIR) document.

That group has submitted its comments on the AIR, which has resulted in some changes being made before that document goes to the public for review next week.

"They sent the document to the working group, the working group commented, met with proponent to say these are our comments," said Fretz.

On Jan. 11, the Application Information Requirements document is being put out to the public online and at certain locations around town for people to review and comment on.

Those comments are to be submitted to the federal or provincial agencies overseeing the harmonized environmental review of the Ajax proposal.

There's a 60-day window for those public comments.

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