Connecticut shootings a nightmare

Kamloops Daily News
December 24, 2012 01:00 AM

I have been up all night, could not get the thought of these families off my mind. Can't believe how much this is getting to me. It was like I was afraid of going to sleep. I was thinking off my own children as two of them are the same age as those little angels. Tears keep coming down my face. How many times does this have to happen until they do something? How is your so-called gun keeping you safe, America?

How many more children, parents, families, how many schools, yes schools have to go through this? Was Columbine not enough for you? And all the other schools? It's too much. Do you really want to be known as the country where we are all free, so free to go into a school in any town and kill children? Something has to be done! The right to bear arms is gone through, it's time it's dead. As times change so does the law - why is it that I see this and you don't? We live in a far different world now, when these laws need to change.

I don't live in America, nor have I ever lived in America, I have a few very good friends that do live there, and I don't wish to offend them.

But it has been a long time since something has got to me in a way that this has, maybe because it's the thought of the age of the kids and the thought of my own daughter one day going to school and not returning, this thought and this thought alone is unbearable.

I am sure those families dealing with this unbelievable and senseless tragedies are going through something that we as a family never want to deal with. My thought and prayers go out to them all. The hurt is felt here in Kamloops as well as all over the world I am sure.

I wish I could take some pain away and I don't know how to begin but I do pray for each of you.

My name is Billie Nutt and my children came home for school. I thank god we have gun law in Canada.

I don't wish to offend, I am sorry but it's the way I feel.



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