Disappointed by Red Nose critic

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January 7, 2013 01:00 AM

As a volunteer for Operation Red Nose, I was so disappointed with a letter by Erin Delorme (Operation Red Nose Doesn't Help At Other Times Of The Year, The Daily News, Jan. 2). I wish a little more research and learning about what Operation Red Nose is really about was done before the letter was written.

First off, both operations are fantastic, the only big difference is Zero Tolerance is a for-profit business and Operation Red Nose is not.

It is a fund-raising event for PacificSport. It is also run on volunteer support. These volunteers give up their time to volunteer for this worthy cause.

So it would be impossible to run all year long on volunteer support. It is difficult now to find enough volunteers especially on New Year's Eve.

These men and women believe very strongly in the cause to give up Friday and Saturday night as well as New Year's Eve to drive home safely clients using the service. The hours of these volunteers often are 8:30 p.m. to 4 a.m., sometimes later.

Many of these volunteers work with Red Nose every night the month of December when it is in operation. They drive in all types of weather conditions, snow storms, black ice, and slippery roads.

What do they get? Zero pay but the pleasure of been a volunteer and seeing donations been used for a good cause. Many people that use the service pay a donation. Sometimes it is nothing, they have no money, but guess what? We got them home in one piece.

Some of our clients are very generous to the cause and a big thank you for that. So where do these donations go?

Right back into our community, helping children, coaches, grants for travel for athletes that don't have the funds to participate otherwise, future Olympians, and the list goes on. All the funds donated stay in Kamloops.

There is so much need in our community during the month of December that there is a lot to go around for Zero Tolerance and the cab companies.

So in regards of not having it (available) when your staff party was, good for you that you used Zero Tolerance and got home safely, and too bad your staff party was held on the wrong night and not on a night when Red Nose operated.

You would have understood how the yearly operation ran. Red Nose is all volunteer and proud of it! The hour of operations are well published and appeared weekly as full-page ads in the media.

I also heard the ad on radio in the wee hours that we operated throughout the night.

I truly hope that next year you join us and volunteer with Operation Red Nose, and enjoy the feeling of giving back to the community of Kamloops.

Bravo to all the volunteers that make Red Nose a yearly success. Bravo to the organizations that contribute so much in making Operation Red Nose a success!

And thank you Kamloops for using Operation Red Nose, see you next December.



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