Doctor who wants to return for retirement makes plea

She'd like to come home to Kamloops but Ajax gives her second thoughts

Kamloops Daily News
November 20, 2012 01:00 AM

Elspeth McDougall grew up in Kamloops and is now a professor of urology at the University of California, Irvine.

When she thinks about retiring, however, she thinks about returning to her home community.

She doesn't want to come back to a city with an open pit mine on the edge of town.

She has written to the area MLAs, MP and City council in opposition of the proposed Ajax mine.

Her letter follows:

I beseech you to stop and register my strong oppositionto the proposed Ajax open pit mine development in Kamloops, specifically, and to open pit mining, in general, in the province of B.C.

The anticipated short-term economic benefits from this proposed mine will not mitigate the predictable disastrous environmental impact this project will have on the local and regional air, water, land, natural habitats and communities. The negative health impact and morbidity for local residents will be immeasurably profound.

I was born and raised in Kamloops and although my career has taken me away from the area, I still consider it to be 'my home.' I have always anticipated retirement back to this community, but am seriously reconsidering this plan should this open pit mining project adjacent to the city move forward.

PLEASE consider the environmental impact and the effect on a multitude of health issues for your community and constituents by helping to STOP the Ajax open pit mine project.


Elspeth McDougall

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