Doctors down on Ajax, survey suggests

Fewer would come to Kamloops and some would leave if proposed mine goes ahead

Michele Young / Kamloops Daily News
November 20, 2012 01:00 AM

An in-house survey of Kamloops doctors shows 70 per cent of respondents would definitely or probably not come here if the Ajax mine were in place.

Three Kamloops doctors - two orthopedic surgeons and an emergency physician - polled 207 of their colleagues this month with three questions about the mine. They got 152 responses back - a 73 per cent return.

Of those 152 respondents, 105 said they would definitely or probably not consider Kamloops if they were looking for a place to practice. That's 70 per cent who would have considered the mine as a negative in whether to move here.

The remaining 47 doctors said Ajax would definitely not or likely not be a factor in whether they looked at practicing in Kamloops.

The second question was whether the doctors would move if Ajax is approved and built. Again, of the 152 who filled out the surveys, 54 said definitely or probably, while 98 said not likely or no.

The final question asked if the physicians were concerned about potential health impacts of the Ajax mine on Kamloops residents. The total for yes was 128, or 84 per cent, compared with 24 who said no, or 16 per cent.