Dog left for dead leaves Good Samaritan with questions

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January 2, 2014 01:00 AM

I have never written to a newspaper before, but what I witnessed tonight compelled me to do something about it.

I was on my way home, crossing over the Halston Bridge when I saw two little glowing eyes just off to the left side of the fast lane. As I got closer, I slowed down. It was pitch dark and I really could not get a good look. I came to a stop and found a beautiful black Lab lying in a pool of blood, shaking, scared and cold. He dragged himself to my car, I proceeded to get out of the driver's seat and let him crawl into the passenger seat.

My other two dogs who are normally not as receptive to company were quiet as mice.

They must have sensed my worry. On the drive to my North Shore home, all sorts of things crossed my mind. How am I going to pay for the vet bill? Where am I going to put him? Will he have to be put down? Why did he not have a collar on with tags? Whose dog is he?

When I arrived home, I left him lying in the back of my little Honda Civic so I could try to find help. I phoned the emergency vet clinic and thank goodness the receptionist recommended I call the local bylaw office and they would look after everything.

I was skeptical, but to my amazement, after a brief conversation with one of the employees about the situation, a bylaw officer was at my door within 10 minutes. He was very professional and when I asked him about what would happen to the dog, he said the first thing was to take him to the emergency vet clinic for treatment. Once better, the dog will be released to the SPCA and hopefully find its owners.

After the officer had left with the dog, I had some time to reflect on the what had happened. Shame on the person that hit him and did not stop, shame on all of you who drove past and did not help, and shame on the owner for not having tags on their dog. If you didn't want to put him in your fancy SUV or car because of the blood, dirt and dog smell, the least you could have done is call the RCMP and wait for help. Where are your hearts?

There is a reason I love animals more than most people. Lastly, I would like to send many thanks out to the caring people at the bylaw office. They phoned with an update and the dog is going to be OK.



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