Don't penalize students for parking

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February 8, 2013 01:00 AM

We are not doctors, lawyers, or even individuals with full-time jobs. We are students who have been taken advantage of for too long.

Thompson Rivers University has been charging every student with a fee of $51.65 per semester to take the bus. Well what about the students who drive to school or simply do not take the bus?

According to Thompson Rivers University, they need to charge that fee to everyone or else they cannot get the bus pass for that price.

Thousands of students must pay this fee whether or not they are taking the bus. Many students who drive to school have to pay the fee for the bus along with paying for parking at school.

This has been a recognizable ongoing issue at TRU. To make matters worse, parking has now increased by 33 per cent, changing the prices from $3 to $4 a day. Why? Like we don't have it bad enough! So because parking is too expensive, many students have started parking at areas close to TRU that have free parking, such as nearby stores like Walmart, Superstore and Safeway.

This has become a major issue and to combat students parking at these multi-million dollar businesses, the businesses are towing them.

So now what do we do? Cave in and pay for parking? Instead of increasing the price for parking because too many students are parking at school and not enough spaces, build a multi-levelled parking lot! There is a parking lot behind the new residences at TRU, which is large enough to become a five-, six- or seven-level parking lot.

This is my opinion - what is yours?



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