Experience to be PM? Not needed

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April 22, 2013 01:00 AM

Now that Justin Trudeau has become the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I'd like to point out some facts before the Conservative fear-mongering machine goes into overdrive.

A constant criticism levelled at Mr. Trudeau by Conservatives has been regarding his lack of experience. The fact is that Justin Trudeau has been a Member of Parliament for four and a half years. How many years had Stephen Harper been an MP before becoming leader of the Canadian Alliance? Slightly over three.

In fact, aside from Harper, the Conservatives have previously had leaders with very little government experience before leading their parties (Joe Clark, four years; Brian Mulroney, none).

If the performance records of Harper,Mulroney, andClark as leaders and prime ministers are what's causing

Conservatives to be nervous about someone lacking experience, then I sympathize.

Otherwise, I'd like to suggest that the Conservative attack ads not dwell on Mr. Trudeau in that regard.

The political instincts that he absorbed at his father's knee for many years are serving him well, and in the two years between now and the next election, he will be fully prepared to become Prime Minister of Canada.



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