Families can't live beyond means

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February 5, 2013 01:00 AM

From my platform when I ran for City council in the last municipal election:

"City spending, services and taxation - If the numbers at the Food Bank are any indication of a problem, then

I think we have to realize that people in general are at the point where there is no more money left in the cookie jar.

"More working people than ever find themselves using the Food Bank. What is more disturbing is the thought that the numbers would be much higher if we could include those people who are too proud to admit they can't afford to feed themselves or their families.

"If I was on council, how could I ask these same people to pay higher taxes when they can't afford to buy food?If it means cutting services, then I guess that is the harsh reality we face.

"A family simply cannot keep on living beyond their means. In family life it means making the decision to see what expenses are the ones that are absolutely necessary and what expenses are those that are not affordable right now.

The same holds true for businesses and every level of government. I worked at a place where we were asked to hang tough on raises until times got better.

"We did, and we kept our jobs. Going further in debt is not a good solution because the debtor is always under the control of the lender.

"We may well have come to the point where we have little choice but to show wisdom and set priorities in our civic spending, perhaps to face the scourge of some people."

If I ever have the urge to run again, I will do a few things differently. The first time is always a learning experience. In addition to keeping this plank in my platform, I will add another plank and that one being my intention on letting my voice be heard and being an influence on council to ban pit bull dogs from our city.

That will only be in my platform provided the province of B.C. has not done it before the next civic election.



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