Family should be our first priority

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February 19, 2013 01:00 AM

February the 11th is B.C.'s Family Day; it's a holiday which celebrates the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.

Family is the greatest gift of nature it provides an enshrinement like a nest in a tree where family-members can feel protected and supported, so that they may be able to gain foothold in the foundation of life fulfilling all its aspects like self-preservation, pleasure and procreation. If family is not there, living is much more difficult than we think. So the "Family Day" asks everybody to make a celebration of being blessed with a family.

This day demands from us to render "family" as our first priority because lack of "interest" of one or more family members within family life creates a sense of insecurity for the other members of the family creating a state of mind characterized by self-doubt, vulnerability, weakness, defenselessness, helplessness and above all loneliness. This situation can serve as a thorn in one's flesh which may result into poor concentration in life and hopelessness. So family set-up must be such that it is attracting attention of its members and the obvious enjoyment of all members of family must lie within the family in an honest and unaffected way. In other words we need to be fond of family life in order to generate good standards of living.



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