GM food and pesticides poison people and planet

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January 4, 2014 01:00 AM

Regarding Irmi Critcher's Dec. 30 letter, Farmers Banking On GM Foods.

Of course, Critcher defends GM food; her paycheque depends on the continued use of GMs or GMOs in Big Agriculture.

Invariably the only people who defend the use of GM food, and take the time to write to newspapers, are in the big agro business and have a monetary interest.

Ask Argentinean Sofia Garcia how she likes GMs. Sofia formed the anti-GM group "Mothers of Ituzaingo" after her three-day old baby died. She asserts the death was after her baby was exposed to aerial spraying with Monsanto's pesticides.

Garcia spearheaded a blockade against construction on a new Monsanto plant in Malvinas, Argentina, on Nov. 20 and then received a death threat. She has also been harassed, received threatening letters and phone calls and attacked.

Despite the attacks and threats, she continues to fight against Monsanto and its GM crops.

I suggest you watch the video Argentina, the Bad Seed

Ask farmer Ernest Barnes, the Kansas farmer who sued Monsanto over a GM wheat discovery contaminating his crop, or the Colombian farmers, known as the "Rebellion of the Ponchos," or ask the farmers on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, where in August, Bill 2491 was passed, requiring the biotech companies to disclose what pesticides they are spraying.

According to the Honolulu Civic Beat, "Employees of biotech companies can be fined or jailed for violating pesticide disclosure requirements and buffer zones."

In an article on GM use in Argentina (The Daily News, Oct. 26), you had some photos. One was of an Argentinean child deformed for life, whose doctors suggested was the result of pesticide poisoning.

If you look at photos of children in Vietnam who were exposed to Agent Orange, you would see that the deformities are strikingly similar.

Agent Orange, manufactured by Monsanto, was a combination of 24D and 245T. Roundup is a made with 24D. The new GMO crops are genetically engineered to resist Roundup.

They indiscriminately kill insects, like bees and butterflies as well as the targeted pests.

Have you heard of bee colony collapse?

They also cause cancer and horrific deformities in animals and humans. Children are especially vulnerable.

Monsanto's minions will tell you that GMs are solving world hunger; in reality they are not.



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