Grandparents do have rights - keep fighting

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April 3, 2012 01:00 AM

The letter "Grandparents deserve more rights" wasreminiscent of a situation I experienced several years ago. Grandparents do have rights and all too often you have to pursue and fight for them.

There was a booklet that used to be available through the legal aid office about grandparents' rights and it would pay you to try and get a copy; it was free. As far as I know there is still a legal aid worker at the court house one day a week.

Also, you can take legal steps to resolve the situation, which can be costly even though our grandkids are worth it. Also I would refer you to Kamloops Family Justice Centre. I was referred to this agency and had a very compassionate and interested worker to assist me. Although she is no longer with the agency I found her successor to be very supportive.

This agency provides a cost-free service. I highly recommend them. Finally I would add that working with the Ministry of Children's Services can be most frustrating and nerve wracking to put it in printable expression. Don't give up - you have rights and your grandkids need you. Best of luck.



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