Grow-op offers possibility of risks to kids

Kamloops Daily News
January 14, 2013 01:00 AM

Finally, some common sense (Shut Down Grow-op To Keep Children, The Daily News, Jan. 3). It seems this family was making marijuana more of a priority than their children.

The minister for Ministry of Children and Family development, Stephanie Cadieux, recently stated the ministry does not get involved with families because of grow-ops, legal or illegal. The ministry gets involved with families because of children's safety.

The response from this family seems to reinforce that they highly value marijuana at the expense of their children. The truth lies between the family and the social worker, everyone else is speculating.

Who holds the growing license? Also, as a citizen myself, I hope a neighbour's grow-op has proper electrical standards met so my house doesn't burn down too. Did this family have a permit from the city to install the wiring? Was it passed on inspection. Is this why the note in the news report listed electrical concerns?

If there is faulty wiring in the home, pesticides or other chemicals or mould in the home, then regardless of legalities, this would not be a safe home for kids.



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