Highway 5A drivers put at risk by non-stop streams of big rigs

Kamloops Daily News
November 13, 2012 01:00 AM

In response to the article Big Rig Ban For 5A, (The Daily News, Nov. 9), my observations mirror that of TNRD chairman Randy Murray.

During a 40-minute drive in either direction between the Douglas Lake turnoff on Highway 5A and Aberdeen, I routinely meet an average of 18 transport trucks (excluding what I believe to be local outfits).

Some quick math will tell you that at this rate there will be 648 rigs in either direction during a 24-hour period for a total of 1,296 trucks. Knock 20 per cent off that number for those who want to argue and it's still over 1,000 rigs in 24 hours. Many do exhibit excellent driving skills but many do not.

It is interesting to note that when there is enforcement along the route, truck traffic seems to lighten up.

(TNRD director) John Ranta claims it's a violation of the drivers' rights to tell them they can't use the highway. Does that mean that when the road bans go on in the spring, the government is violating the rights of all those drivers? They seem to comply with that enforcement without a lot of whining from truckers associations.

I feel that my friends, neighbours, family and I are at increased risk every time we use that road because of transport-truck traffic. Highway 5A was built and designed in the days of smaller five-axle trucks.


Douglas Lake

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