Holes in ice at Red Lake a danger, police say

Kamloops Daily News
December 11, 2012 01:00 AM

Holes cut in the ice at Red Lake are a safety hazard, RCMP said Tuesday.

Police have received reports of young men fishing at the lake and using a chainsaw to cut holes measuring four feet by seven feet.

"The safety issue was brought up to them by an individual and the group - who were consuming alcohol - told him to buzz off," Staff Sgt. Doug Aird said.

"Police are very concerned the folks walking on the lake could fall into six or seven holes large holes they left in the ice, which is only two-to-three inches thick at this time."

Police urge anyone walking in the area of the island at Red Lake to use extreme caution on the west side of the island especially. With temperatures hovering around zero, it is expected to be weeks before the dangerous holes ice up.

RCMP will be stepping up patrols at the lake over the next few days.

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