If councillors would do their jobs

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January 21, 2013 01:00 AM

In response to Coun. Ken Christian (Public Input Needed For City Budget, The Daily News, Jan. 14), we would hope as taxpayers that the public does not have to show up at the "public input" forum.

That type of meeting is not what is required to get the City off its fiscal path and on the right track.

By now the councillors, elected by the taxpayers, should already have done their job and worked with our City managers to a zero tax increase, or a decrease.

The same-old nonsense happens every year when the managers tell us that there likely is to be a tax increase of four or five per cent, and then magically it is reduced to two or three per cent and then, of course, we are supposed to be happy and relieved.

That is the purpose of the sham.

Mr. Christian, why do you and the other councillors not simply do your job?

Tell those over-paid City managers to cut their phoney wish lists by 10 per cent and pass the reduction in expenses directly to the taxpayers as a tax reduction.

Give me 10 minutes with the draft budgets and a red pencil and I will show you how we can save 25 per cent - easily. Simply reduce City staff to a sensible number, stop buying junk we do not need, and create efficiencies with what they have.

I can tell you everyone in private business is doing exactly that. Why should our municipal government do it differently?

Please share those draft budget proposals with the public electronically, so we can see exactly where all the spending is proposed. Then we can respond intelligently and make suggestions to reduce the "wish lists."

However, Mr. Christian, it takes "cajones" to take on these phoney bureaucrats. The only question remains - do our councillors have the courage to do the job they are paid to do? That is, protect hard working taxpayers from the frivolous spending of the City managers.



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