If guidelines met, say yes to mine

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December 1, 2012 01:00 AM

This is in response to Gain Comes At Huge Cost (The Daily News, Nov. 26).

The environmental footprint of Kamloops itself is one heck of a lot bigger than the proposed Ajax Mine and my point is that Kamloops was once 100 per cent pristine grasslands throughout this valley's meeting of the two rivers.

There was obviously a huge environmental re-arranging that had to take place to build Kamloops here. Nothing is left as it was and/or has been asked to be restored to that original state, along with the original habitat and the pristine grasslands.

There was no grasslands preservation society and such back in the day or you can bet we would not be where we are today. Not without solid assurances that we would protect the natural habitat and agree to restore the grasslands.

We certainly cannot do that today. Anyone complaining? Kamloops remains a bustling and growing community in population and enjoys a strongly structured economy. Let's keep it that way.

A huge environmental footprint was the price for progress in order for Kamloops to be located here. Yes, a part of the Ajax mine lies within the borders of Kamloops and like any other business operating here, they will be taxed for that pleasure.

The B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) is here today to safeguard that the mine meets the guideline of being safe for our community.

The Domtar plant has employed generations of families within our city. It met the EAO guidelines and was welcome here. Apparently the grasslands preservation society gave it a thumbs up.

My point is, if the proposed mine can rise to the challenge of following some very strict environmental guidelines like Weyerhaeuser (now Domtar) successfully accomplished, then why not welcome Ajax in the spirit of fairness?

Domtar has successfully used toxic chemicals and procedures that are far more harmful to our environment than the mining industry would have in use, whether it's open pit or underground mining.



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