Injured dog spurs useful reminder

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January 21, 2013 01:00 AM

It's been an upsetting time for a Rayleigh family - first their dog went missing, then they learned it was hit by a car.

RCMP picked up the black lab after the injured pet dragged itself across four lanes of highway traffic. They took the animal to the vet as she had suffered serious injuries, including internal bleeding and a dislocated front leg.

An anonymous donor offered to pay part of the vet bill.

Meanwhile, police and the SPCA knocked on doors in an effort to find the owners, with help from media in spreading the word.

It was lucky the link was made as the dog had nothing on it that would help identify the owners, such as a dog tag with a name and phone number, tattoo or microchip.

The owners speculate their pet slipped out amid the hubbub of the morning while trying to get the kids to school. She also may have been in heat, a time some dogs tend to run.

These things happen; such mishaps frame our unpredictable world.

At the same time, the incident is a reminder for pet owners everywhere to make sure they've got identifying information on their pet and ensure it's up to date. A disconnected phone number from your previous residence in Vancouver, for example, is not going to encourage a reunion with your lost pet while living in Kamloops.

If the pet is not one that might be bred at a later date, get yours spayed or neutered - that helps quell the urge to roam, something your neighbours will appreciate, too.

The needs of dogs are not that different from young children - they depend on responsible adults to set boundaries, provide sustenance and ensure their safety.

If owners take a few simple, inexpensive steps, a similarly upsetting situation can be avoided.

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