Is Domtar part of B.C.'s jobs plan?

Kamloops Daily News
December 18, 2012 01:00 AM

I was wondering if the Domtar layoff is part of Christy Clark's $15-million advertising campaign about her B.C. Jobs and Canada Starts Here jobs plans.

She is quoted on one of her websites as saying, "As countries around the world struggle economically, British Columbia is using its position of strength to defend and create jobs in every community".

How are you defending these Domtar jobs Christy, Terry and Kevin?

On the back page of this same edition announcing the layoff at Domtar is an article extolling Clark's "bold" and "audacious" plan to turn B.C. into Canada's job-creation machine.

I'm sure that the 125 Domtar workers losing their jobs will be overjoyed that Christy has a "bold" and "audacious" plan for them.

Is the Domtar layoff part of this bold and audacious plan Christy, Terry and Kevin, or just more "hucksterism" from a failed government with an unqualified, unelected "un-Premier?"



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