Jaywalking by TRU a danger

Kamloops Daily News
November 14, 2012 01:00 AM

Regarding jaywalking on Summit Drive in Kamloops . . . frequently some TRU students cross Summit Drive when they walk to or from school. The major reason is they live in Upper College Heights or somewhere around Dalgleish Drive.

It is easy to take a shortcut on Summit instead of following the sidewalk on McGill Road. Although there is a road sign that says, "Penalty $121," people still cross Summit.

I believe most people do not jaywalk. But people start when they see others, especially their friends, jaywalking in front of them. We know it is dangerous to do such a thing, but we feel less guilty when it becomes a habit or we do it with other people.

With more people crossing the street, the chance of having an accident on Summit Drive is increasing. I think there are two ways to avoid disaster: stop people crossing the street or to help people to cross it. Stopping people from jaywalking is easier.

In this situation, the road sign has been powerless. Barricading the street to prevent people crossing is a good idea. When people find that the street is too difficult to cross, they will walk on the sidewalk automatically.

The way to help people to cross the street is much more difficult. We may build an overpass on Summit Drive, which will cost a lot of money and time.

Regardless, the City of Kamloops should do something before a traffic accident happens.



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