Kamloops always a generous city

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January 8, 2013 01:00 AM

In reply to Donovan Cavers (Pay It Forward A Sign Of The Times, The Daily News, Dec. 24), to further goodwill gestures to one another (what has also been also termed today as random acts of kindness), here is what I think.
Kamloops is great at this and well-known as a community that cares. The other day an old-time friend of mine who is 74 years old and is challenged health wise shared this nice story with me.

Antonio was pushing his snow uphill and out of his concrete driveway when a younger man who was walking by stopped.

This younger man then shovelled all the snow uphill for Antonio and out of his driveway. He asked him for nothing in return and wished Antonio a very good day and then he was gone.

These types of random acts of kindness for one another do not always have to be this paying-it-forward scenario.

They are done simply because you can do them, have the time and wish to lessen someone else's burdens.

You ask nothing in return. As for your part of the world that you have occupied, it has become a kinder place.

Kudos to that young man that helped out Antonio.



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