KGHM has the needed clout

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February 13, 2013 01:00 AM

This is in response to the letter Proposed Mine Site 'Ridiculous' (The Daily News, Feb. 6). Right off the top, regarding the ridiculous placement of a mine so close to town. I ask ­- have you lived here long? The Ajax Mine location has pre-existed the owners.

In my humble opinion, Kamloops holds the carrot in front of the horse's nose because those valuable minerals and mine pre-exist. Abacus Mining and Exploration drilled and proved a NI 43-101 certified result that followed with a 23-year estimated mine life (and by the way, it could go longer if KGHM should find more).

Now enter the serious investment by KGHM, a worldwide operator with the means to get it done.

Remember that KGHM purchased in an all-cash deal (for a billion dollars) the Canadian Quadra-owned operation while awaiting the Kamloops approvals for the Ajax Mine.

They also bought the Sugarloaf Ranch for another $20 million and respectfully have kept all the employees in full-time employment.

This move has already indicated and shown some corporate responsibility from KGHM to Kamloopsians.

I am a business owner as well, which is non-related to the mining industry. As a concerned Kamloopsian, I would welcome the ongoing results from the Ajax Mine which is undergoing environmental assessment, to be approved for our city.

After all, KGHM has the financial clout, the worldwide expertise and therefore the means to mine the Ajax site 100 per cent successfully within our city's borders.

Outside of your Timmins example, just look up Kalgoorlie, Australia, which is home to Australia's largest open-pit mine, which is located directly alongside a modern city's borders. Kalgoorlie's climate is dry and dusty just like our own and it runs 24 hours a day.

Kalgoorlie has built a huge visitors platform and attraction that allows viewing to visitors from all over the world. Just research the term Kalgoorlie tourism on your computer.

Respectfully, Dana Koch, your concerns are currently (under review) in a process of approval for Kamloops.

Let it play out, because the Ajax Mine pre-exists and KGHM is certainly playing by all the Canadian regulations and guidelines that are in place.

Like I said in my humble opinion, if anyone can get it done - correctly, it would be the worldwide operator KGHM, which has the expertise and the financial backing to see it through. The upside that you neglected to mention is there's huge economic benefit for Kamloops if KGHM meets with the EAO and the other approvals that are required of them.

I, for one, believe that KGHM will probably exceed them and if they should do that, our Kamloops would certainly benefit.



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