Koopmans: Don't force meters down our throats

Robert Koopmans Editor / Kamloops Daily News
February 9, 2013 01:00 AM

I have two smart meters in my home. One was installed by the City to monitor my water usage and the other by B.C. Hydro to measure how much electricity I use. I assume the meters are doing their jobs, as I get both water and electricity bills. I pay the bills, which affects my bank account.

Other than that bottom-line pocketbook effect, however, I don't see any other impact on my life or the lives of my family as a result of smart meters in my house. No one has excruciating headaches. The indoor houseplants are green. The dog behaves normally. Our television works, as do all the radios. My fillings don't vibrate. Deer still wander around outside and nibble my cedars.

There are no signs of any kind of problem related to the transmission of minute beams of radio energy from the meters to the readers on the outside. I have no problems with the meters being there, and willingly encourage Fortis to install one on the gas line when the time comes if it makes their job easier, reduces the cost of reading meters and make the corporation a bit more efficient. Efficiency might save me money.

In short, I don't believe those who claim smart meters cause health problems. I accept the words of scientists - even those who have been employed by the corporations (those nasty evil corporations) - when they say smart meters do not impact human health.

Yes, I know the Internet is chock full of contradicting theories. Don't believe everything Google turns up. It's also possible to find literature on the net proclaiming that the planet is flat. Seriously. Look up http://theflatearthsociety.org if you don't believe me.

I've listened to the raging debate about smart meters and have decided to not accept the opposing arguments.

I believe those instead who say links between radio waves and human health problems have not been established. Besides, even if there were some truth to the radio wave-health debate, it's a battle long lost.

With cellphones, wireless routers, Bluetooth systems and all other kinds of wireless devices, we are bombarded by radio frequencies at a boggling never-ending rate. The small amount of energy transmitted by the smart meters in my home is no doubt completely lost in the larger invisible, electronic storm raging all around us.

I know, however, that many people will not agree with me. Great numbers feel smart meters affect their health. Maybe some people believe they do suffer ill-effects around smart meters. Maybe that perception alone affects their health.

While I disagree with opponents about the science of meters, I agree with them on one key point. No one should be made to have one in their home if they do not want one. Period. Our homes are our castles and we should be entitled to live in them as we see fit, free of things that cause us fear or worry.

If someone says they do not want a smart meter, the government and its agencies should not force one upon them. Nor should anyone be made to pay more to have a wired meter, either. To do so is a kind of economic blackmail. It's not right. It's not fair.

It's easy to dismiss opponents as "tinfoil hat-wearing" weirdos but the biggest smart meter issue isn't about science. It's about the freedom to live how we like.


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