Let's hold off judgment until bus probe over

Kamloops Daily News
December 8, 2012 01:00 AM

There is much to be alarmed about in the story of a Kamloops bus driver accused of "kidnapping" two passengers on his bus earlier this week.

A poor-quality YouTube video filmed by Kamloops man Bradley Smith made the allegation, which has since sparked a B.C. Transit investigation. The video doesn't show much other than a man and a woman and a Kamloops bus driver arguing.

The minute-long video offers mostly spinning views of the bus's floor, windows and seats, although it clearly captures the verbal part of the exchange.

What is clear after listening to the soundtrack is that something went amiss that day.

One video, however, does not a complete story weave. Sixty seconds of spinning footage with voices yelling in the background is not enough to be convinced the tale is as it has been suggested. We have not yet heard the complete story and until we do, it's best to reserve judgment.

The bus driver has not yet had a chance to tell his version of the events. He will get that opportunity when senior B.C. Transit managers arrive in Kamloops next week to conduct their own probe of the incident.

It is possible there are circumstances not captured by the video camera - events in the moments before, for example - or other facts we don't yet know that would alter our perception of the events.

Until all the facts are in, it's wise to give the benefit of the doubt to a working professional who likely became embroiled in something he wishes now would have gone differently.

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