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January 2, 2014 01:00 AM

Re: Social Workers Fear Client (The Daily News, Dec. 11)

I am a grandmother who has very little access to our granddaughter (three hours once a month). When I had my granddaughter with me, I, too, was threatened with, "you have to do this . . ." or "you have to do that . . . or we will take your grandchild," or if I didn't jump high enough, I would get if I didn't do 'such and such' they could adopt this child and we would never see her again.

I, too, would like to see a story about how we (parents and grandparents) fear social workers. It would be an interesting read. It is time someone listened. There are two parts to every story.

And someone needs to listen to Philip Shupe, and I mean, really, listen to him. He seems like a good dad and a man who loves his children. If there are threats, how about the threats he and others who have had their children taken had to take from social workers?

Does the Ministry of Children and Family Development really look at children and put a price tag on a child? I used to doubt this, but since my talented grandchild was taken, I believe it now.

Children know who they want to be with. Besides listening to the parents, listen to the children - and take note of what really goes on in some of these foster homes.


Powell River

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