Lots of good lakes in our region

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November 8, 2012 01:00 AM

This is in response to the letter (Inks Lake Not Devoid Of Life, The Daily News, Nov. 5).

I would like to offer another observation that bares some truth. In a 100-mile circle around Kamloops, I'll bet a middle-aged outdoors enthusiast could fish a lake a week and in their lifetime still not of fish them all.

There are many hundreds of lakes located within a 100-mile circle of Kamloops for all Kamloopsians to enjoy.

So, even if there is life in Inks Lake - and even if KGHM is granted a "social licence" of approval to use it and make it the sacrificial lamb in order to present the Kamloops community a 23-year mine life - what's the problem? It's the risk-versus-reward scenario.

The Ajax Mine proposal offers many economic spin-offs, such as the locals and the outsiders whol will receive these jobs, will live here and spend their future earnings throughout our community, just like the Weyerhaeuser employees (now Domtar) did.

Moly-Cop has already announced that it will expand its operation to meet future mining demands.

I could probably go on regarding the many economic spin-offs and yes, they certainly do count for something. For instance, the information-technology sector in any community is prone to change in these times and could be gone as an economic stimulus for Kamloops overnight. The Ajax mine proposal offers Kamloops another opportunity and another economic stimulus to consider, to add to its economic portfolio.

Economic diversification. It's always a solid economic choice not to put all your marbles in one bag. It is nice to have some choices. Risk versus reward.



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