Mining gives us the things we need

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December 16, 2011 01:00 AM

I work away from home so miss many issues of the newspaper so it is possible I have missed articles about this subject. I seem to see a lot of people are against the Ajax mine and, in fact, a lot are against nearly everything that has a negative impact on the environment.

I to do not like to see any unnecessary environmental damage but realize it as a cost of progress and getting goods we need, so as long as it is minimized, and, in my experience, it is,we have to accept it. I really can't see where you get off complaining if you, in fact, like

to have, or need to have, justto mention a very few things, whichultimately came fromsomething that had somesort of environmental costlike ahouse to live incomplete withpots and pans to cook in, appliances,furniture,a TV, a computer for work or play, a phone when at home or away, a car to drive, fuel for it and to heat the home you no doubt live in, food that mining and the oil and gas industry makes indirectlypossible, a hospital to be treated in (instruments doctors use to check you over were not found along the side of the road you drove on to get your latte), maybe even a bit of jewelrythat came from mining.

If you do not have or useany of these things then ignore my rants. If you do use any of themthenstopcomplainingand let the people make a living doing these jobsthat ultimately make your life easier,and without a doubtprobably possible.



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