MMBC accepts glass

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December 3, 2013 01:00 AM

City joins provincial recycling program (The Daily News, Nov. 27).

It is important to clarify an aspect of our program that was referenced in your article.

Multi-Material B.C. (MMBC) will accept non-deposit glass containers, either as a separate stream in curbside collection programs, where local governments choose to provide this service, or by delivering glass containers to depots.

Glass can break when it is collected in the same container as other materials, becoming a safety hazard and contaminating the other materials so that they cannot be recycled.

By separating glass at curbside and by delivering glass to depots, residents can help ensure that an increasing amount of glass is recycled through MMBC's system and that it does not contaminate other recyclable materials.


Multi-Material B.C.


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