Murder conspiracy trial delayed to find another juror

Kamloops Daily News
February 5, 2013 01:00 AM

The trial of three Cranbrook men for conspiracy to commit murder will be delayed at least a day so an additional juror can be found.

The trial in B.C. Supreme Court is expected to take three months. Lonnie Adams, Lorne Carry and Colin Correia are all charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Carry and Correia face additional firearms-related charges.

B.C. Supreme Court justice Dev Dley told 13 jurors Tuesday morning "we're short one juror.

"To make sure we have our full complement we're going to select our 14 thjuror . It's my view we should start with 14. It's better to have a full complement, at least to begin with."

The courtroom was a busy one Tuesday with five lawyers on hand and six uniformed sheriffs.

Selection to find another juror as well as an alternate is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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