Must pay attention to environmental damage

Kamloops Daily News
November 8, 2012 01:00 AM

Given the recent devastation caused by superstorm Sandy on the eastern coast of the United States, it is time that we in Canada take notice of global warming and its potential effects worldwide.

In Kamloops today, we are experiencing or are beginning to notice the effects of global warming. The temperatures in Kamloops and region are above normal.

I personally prefer the current temperatures to cold, freezing weather conditions. However, if the temperatures continue with this trend we will see lesser snowpacks, which will mean less water in our rivers to provide sustenance needed in our communities.

I understand that the proposed Ajax mine for Kamloops will use millions of litres of water per day at its (proposed) mining operations, which will be pumped from the Thompson River.

I expect someone will say there is sufficient water moving through the river that we can afford to waste (some) and the damage done will be minimal.

Will there be sufficient freshwater for the future of all the communities that depend on this valuable resource?

It is time we rethink the value of this mine for this community. The mine will possibly last for 20 years and leave a trail of destruction when it leaves, for a resource that is abundant in lesser populated areas within Canada.



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