New Ajax manager's motives suspect

Kamloops Daily News
February 14, 2013 01:00 AM

I have many doubts about Yves Lacasse's true intentions. I watched him delivering an unconvincing interview on CFJC-TV a few days ago.

To paraphrase one of our finest citizens, I have no doubts that he is simply doing what he believes to be good for he and his family. There is no altruism here nor does it (his involvement with KGHM) have anything to do with our city or the people in it. I strongly suspect that the pecuniary incentives were too good to pass up.
Kamloops is no longer a "frontier" town, mostly dependent on resources. No single industry or occupation has a stronghold on the overall economic fabric of this city.

It is unquestionable that resources are still important, however Kamloops has achieved an enviable economic diversification despite great challenges. Take for example the pulp mill. It is true that it provided many good paycheques over the last few decades. But it is also true that it gave Kamloops a disparaging, malodorous stigma.

Like a patient trying to shake an addiction, Kamloops has finally made tangible improvements.

It cannot and should not allow itself to fall pray of an easy temptation and fall back on its malady.

I am unconvinced, actually I am frightened by the latest move by KGHM. Personally, I equate hiring a "retiring" RCMP officer (with the stigma that it carries, but that is a different topic for another day) as a "strong arm" tactic.

This is a tactic that is often employed by mining companies facing strong opposition. Monitoring, assessing and dealing with threats may be relevant to KGHM and for that they indeed hired the right man.



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