New de-icing system boosts runway safety at Kamloops Airport

Kamloops Daily News
March 8, 2012 01:00 AM

Runway de-icing will take only a fraction of the time once Kamloops Airport purchases a new wet-dry chemical spreader.

Federal funding of $132,000 through the Airports Capital Assistance Program was announced Thursday by MP Cathy McLeod. The funds clear the way for purchase of a new de-icing system along with a new snowplow truck.

Those represent a significant upgrading for airport safety and serviceability, said Ed Ratuski, manager of airport operations.

"Once this program is in place, we're moving to a new technology that really speeds up the process," he said. "Within minutes versus hours, and there will be a lot less susceptibility to temperature fluctuations."

Potassium acetate will replace the fertilizer currently applied for de-icing. The process is now in common use at other airports across Canada.

Both items will be put to tender immediately.

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