NIMBYism flourishes in city

Kamloops Daily News
February 8, 2013 01:00 AM

Everyone has opinions regarding new infrastructure projects that they feel affect their lives, but on occasion people take it to absurd levels that step over boundaries and cause unnecessary uproars.

I left this province in 1999 to pursue my education and work experience in Alberta. I returned to the province and Kamloops in 2010.

While in Alberta I witnessed the NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) movement take hold and in turn, some large-scale projects were cancelled, delayed or otherwise changed. In some cases this communal effort was for the betterment of the entire province, city or region, but often it was just a short-sighted ploy by a few individuals with an apparent self-interest.

This NIMBY phenomenon seems to be rampant in this fair city, regarding everything from Ajax, the downtown parkade, the bicycle overpass, smart meters, water meters, certain dog breeds in dog parks, etc.

I understand that there are concerns regarding each of these issues and some are completely valid, but really people, do we have fight to the death about everything that might be progressive, different or otherwise scary?
Let's be progressive, show the province and country that we are open to change, that we embrace it and are not loathe to accept it. The parade was cancelled and the public continues to gripe about a lack of parking downtown. Smart meters have been fought on the grounds they are unhealthy, when they really emit no more radiation than our wi-fi routers, cellphones, computers, Bluetooth headsets, televisions, microwaves, radios, power lines, etc.

How many of these people concerned with their health in regard to smart meter radiation smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, or walk around during the summer months sporting a Greek god-like bronzed tan?

People complain about the possible effects of dust from the proposed Ajax mine, while day after day we live at the mercy of the wind to deliver us from the smelly, pollution-laden smog from the pulp mill.

Why don't we concentrate collectively on eradicating some more insidious problems like homelessness, stigma of mental illness, addiction, obesity? I'm sure that if we have the power to quash parkades, mines and power meters, we can do better at bigger issues that affect our entire society.



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