North Shore pays taxes, too

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February 12, 2013 01:00 AM

I live on the North Shore by choice, and happen towork on the South Shore, as do countless residents on this side.

Free ride for the North Shore? (Why Does North Shore Get Free Ride, The Daily News, Feb. 6) Hmm. I pay City taxes, too, that also upgrade other parts of the city, like Valleyview, Rayleigh and Aberdeen. My taxes are not dedicated only to the North Shore.

When I go to work, I pay for parking to the City, even bowing to the City's crazy bylaws that state we have to move our cars every two hoursin a non-commercial area because we cannot plug the same meter for more than two hours.

I shop and eat and play downtown, thereby supporting the businesses there. There are at least five main streets downtown with meters - Lorne, Lansdowne, Victoria, Seymour, and St. Paul streets not to mention Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth avenues.

There is a large, commercial-based area downtown that does require metered parking. The onlymain street on the North Shore that could possibly support parking meters would be Tranquille.

There are restaurants and small shops,but it seems that most of the businesses that front the street have small parking lots for their patrons, too.Should there be meters in front of them too?

Sure, why not?I think that people who are used to shopping, eating, etc., on Tranquille would plug the meters, just like downtown.

It probably wouldn't be any more of an inconvenience than what my co-workers and I do, every two hours, to go move our cars, because the City says we have to.

Mr. Lindsay, don't complain about where your tax dollars are going, for the "upgrades" over here on "this side."

We want our entire city to be a safe, upliftedplace, with good lighting, and withsafe and visible crosswalks. It is kind of exciting, that the North Shore is actually getting a "skyline" that shows that investors and businesses are finding it worth their time and money to build over here.

I would imagine that one day we will have parking meters over here, too. And the businesses over here pay taxes too, that provide for the entire city, not just the North Shore.

It's been a long time since both cities amalgamated, to create one entity.Your statements just imply more separation, and a "keep my money in my own neighbourhood" attitude that we on the North Shore always have to climb over, to prove that it's not as bad over here as so many on the South Shore think.

Would your complaints be the sameif it was Valleyview, Rayleigh, Sahali or the like getting the upgrades?Probably not, I bet. Sign me proud to live on the North Shore.



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