Not all doctors alarmed by mine

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December 8, 2012 01:00 AM

In response to recent letters (Doctors Survey Alarming, The Daily News, Nov. 22 and Story Scared Doctors Away, Nov. 24).

I went to my doctor's appointment. He is new to Kamloops and investigating the options available here. This doctor loves Kamloops and his practice. Negotiations are in progress.

After my issues were dealt with and as I was leaving, I asked the doctor if the mine would play a part in his decision to stay or go elsewhere.

The doctor looked at me in temporary confusion and then stated, "No! It will not affect my decision in any way!

The mine will be a huge economic boon to Kamloops and because it is so close to the city, the environmental and safety issues will have very stringent guidelines and control. It is not an issue!"

I am a social democrat. A social democrat that loves freedom, democracy, and Canada. I am smart enough to know that there are no "free rides." Not one!

There is always a price to pay. Which is why I can't stand socialists. They do not think or live in the real world.

They refuse to recognize that Canada is a huge rugged country with a very small aging population. A small population whose youth do not want to learn, work or take responsibility for their actions.

Canada is over $600 billion in debt. B.C. is over $60 billion in debt. Just those two debts together means every citizen in Canada is $30,000 in debt right now and the debt grows.

We have to work and sell our resources to maintain our standard of living, pay for all our social programs, pay our debts and replace our crumbling infrastructures.

A socialist's response is "money isn't everything," which is why they are so bad at handling money.

They run up huge debts and suck society dry. Then they blame business. Greece, Spain, and Great Britain are some current examples.

Doctors do not want to come to economically depressed cities where infrastructures are crumbling and citizens, without jobs, cannot afford food or shelter let alone doctor bills.

Canada is part of the world economy! A world economy on the very verge of collapse. I, for one, do not want Canada or B.C. to become another Greece.



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