Not enough detail about Vasi-Birk legal defence

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December 13, 2012 01:00 AM

I was very disappointed in the news coverage of the B.C. auditor general's battle to get to the root of (the Dave Vasi-Bob Virk legal funding). The government lawyer on several occasions claimed he never had detailed bills for the $6 million defence costs.

Now he admits he does have the documents. How can you report on such an important case and fail to mention this detail? Basi and Virk seem like fall guys, and the government paying $6 million in legal fees after they were convicted seems like a coverup.

One has to wonder how far up this ripoff of our Crown assets went. Would Gordon Campbell have ended up in jail?

NDP Leader Adrian Dix says he will stage a full inquiry. Hopefully, he will get into office and we can get to the bottom of this deceitful deal once and for all.

I also noted Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake defending the waste of tax dollars on TV ads by comparing to the NDP of two decades ago.

Terry, maybe you could look and see how many hospital beds we had then, too? Four hundred to 500? Compared to today's 200 to 300? But that was before the B.C. Liberals took to closing beds and places like Ashcroft, Merritt and Clearwater had hospitals.

Quit wasting money on TV ads to try to retain power and address the problems your party has helped create.
Stop enabling the corporate grab of power, public assets and natural resources and govern for the taxpayers.



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