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February 6, 2013 01:00 AM

I am writing in opposition to the proposed Ajax Mine project within city limits of Kamloops. My opposition is not to mining in general, rather to the ridiculous placement of a mine so close to town.

I am concerned about the risks to air quality and environmental impacts from airborne particulate created by mining activity so close to the city. I am concerned about the impacts a mine within the city will have on property value.

I am concerned because Ajax's assurances of constant monitoring have not been adequately backed up with details on procedures that follow any non-compliance. I am concerned that procedures to control dust will use excessive amounts of water, a resource that is metered and restricted for half the year in the city.

I am concerned that Ajax is using the Timmins mine as a reason for Kamloops to accept the proposal. The Timmins mine is not yet fully running and so is of no use as an example of mining impacts within city limits.

I am concerned that decades of taxpayer money spent to promote and brand our city as a tourist, recreation, and sports destination will be all for naught as we become known as a mining town. Kamloops has worked very hard to highlight the beauty and livability of this area over non-renewable resource sectors. This proposed mine would irreparably damage our reputation as a tourist destination.

I am concerned that the mine site will be a visual blight for anyone driving or flying into Kamloops. The mounds of mine waste will nearly reach the height of surrounding hills and left uncontrolled with no apparent effort to return the site to a natural state, according to the plans Ajax has provided. I am surprised that the mining industry does not have to go through the same rigour as forestry when proposing work next to major highways and cities. Forestry companies must present detailed, realistic visual-impact studies showing how the landscape will look from a person's view from the highway in order to truly understand the impact to the look of the landscape over time. I believe the City should demand such schematics.

I urge City and government officials to stop the proposed Ajax Mine project. This is critical decision that will affect the quality of life in Kamloops for decades to come. I believe our air, water, and lands are too precious to risk.

We should be doing all we can to continue cleaning up and caring for these resources, not introducing large-scale potential threats.

I am a business owner who has the luxury of working from anywhere in the world. I have chosen Kamloops for its vibrancy, clean living, and recreation areas. It would be heartbreaking to have to consider moving away as a result of the effects of this mining project.

Where are the voices of our elected officials? My vote in any future election will be strongly impacted by a candidate's stand on this important issue.

I urge all Kamloops citizens to make their voice known. Write a letter today.



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